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Fox Lake: dedicated to wok-life balanced environment

Village of Lake Villa: From a tourist destination to a growing business community!

The Village of Lake Zurich

Wauconda at its finest!

            The Village of Lake Zurich is located in South Western County and very rich in history. A lot happened in the village before it reaches the status of what it is today. In the 1830’s, this village was used to be a small farm town that has grown to be an active resort village in the present times. The people of Lake Zurich did not know that because of their perseverance and hard work, Lake Zurich will become the perfect place for all the people who wants quality of living. Plus the location is ideal for businesses, travel or recreation and friendly people that made the village more interesting. 

            As the people are getting more interested to live in Lake Zurich, it is more exciting on what the village can offer on the migrants. There’s a lot of home styles to choose from. A lot of apartments and townhouses are being built. There is a  wide range of choices for the house. Since Lake Zurich is taking their place into the next level, an instant boom also corresponds to the real estate industry. You can also enjoy peace of mind upon residing in the village because of the constant and very reliable services that they are providing, like visibility of the police to maintain peace and order in the area, well-trained firefighters and officers and volunteers that organizes programs that may help continue improving the place. If you are business minded person, you can check their high-end industrial parks whereby you can set up your business. Or if you are looking for a job you can also go to the different industrial parks in Lake Zurich for perfect job opportunities waiting for you. Of course when you work hard you deserve to unwind and some people considered shopping and eating outside as a way of releasing the stress. Lake Zurich also offers shopping and fine dining paradise. Too many to mention shops to visit from regular shops to a very high-end store definitely you will enjoy. 5 elementary school to middle school 1 senior high school that Lake Zurich has and all the schools are very dedicated in providing excellent education in preparing them with their future and practice them to be good citizen of the country. Not only that, the village is also providing other means of education like library, as a matter of fact it was awarded as America’s 4 star library winner meaning they have the best line up of library facilities!
            In terms of tourism, the village of Lake Zurich is absolutely updated. They are celebrating festival like Farmers Market festivals,  Alpine fest and other special/national occasions that you will surely love. They have numerous and well maintained parks to choose from not to mention the newly operational playground for kids or even young at hearts. You can also relax on the Lake Zurich itself or on the beach! Surely you will not get bored once you are here so give yourself a chance to experience what Lake Zurich can offer!

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Fox Lake community is also dedicated in providing work life balance environment that is why they give quality educational and recreational activities for all ages. Community centres are for rental to residents, non-residents and local organizations. Along with these are the series of events this month of January organized by the people of Fox Lake, first event would be Official Safe Sitter Babysitting Course on 16th of January at Lakefront Park Building whereby 11-14 years old participants will learn basic life-saving techniques in watching younger children. A waiver must need to be signed in this particular program. Second event would be Senior Luncheon with Entertainment also will be held at Lakefront Park Building on 21st of January whereby all the senior friends will enjoy Winter Wonderland Luncheon. The entertainment will be provided by Norm & Heidi, a ballroom dancing that the seniors will surely love!
Last but not the least will be Sunday Event at Grant Community High School Field House on 31st of January. This free event includes activities such as arts and crafts, active games, basketball, volleyball and playing XBox game Family Just Dance! A pre-registration is needed in his event so better be hurry than sorry.
The Fox Lake community is secured that is why it also progressive in terms of residency. A lot people once they experienced the life in the village, they are now considering to migrate and be part of this promising community. Recycling is also one of their advocacy, so you can be sure that the environment is clean and green.

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One of the houses in Lake Zurich.

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Porter Key Realty and Property Management

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You need to know the past to visualize the future, that is the reason the volunteers preserved the historical sites of the village called Barrington. This village is very abundant in history, since 1800's Barrington is already nourishing its land from different opportunities. No wonder why they have come up with 10 tourist historical spots namely McGonigal’s Pub, Barrington Flower Shop, Park Avenue Wine Bar & Merchant, Mia Sorella; Posh Essentials, Corner of Park Avenue and South Cook Street, Barrington Metra Station, Barrington Village Hall, Formerly Barrington Realty, Corporate Identity and The Ice House Mall and Village Shops. Hopefully they will continue to save the historical places not only for visitors but for the children's sake.
The village of Barrington is definitely not a boring place, aside from its historical background, you can enjoy shopping and dining to different varieties of stores and restaurants! You can also do stroll on the history district of the village and see the old houses and its garden. Jogging, hiking, biking, or playing can do to all parks that can be found in Barrington like Citizens Park. 
Barrington is a festive village as well. A lot of festivals for all ages are being celebrate in a year namely Barrington Art Festival , Farmer’s Market from May to October, Cruise Nights every Thursday evening, Fourth of July Festival, Sidewalk Sale Days, Scarecrow Festival and Barrington Holiday festivities
If you are planning to migrate here for good, for sure it will not be a hassle for you. A lot of services are being offered by the government for the convenience of its people. Their schools are responsible to be on top of the rank in terms of excellence. They have rules and regulations to see peace and order in the area. Go and visit the Village of Barrington for your own first hand experience!

            Fox Lake is a village located in the beautiful state of Illinois in the USA. This village offers a lot of services to its people to make place organize and in order. Some of the services they offer are application for Business licenses if you want to put up a business, Garage Sale permit every time you conduct garage sale.Pet tags, vehicle stickers, liquor permit and parking passes are also being served in this community. You can also subscribed to their newsletter so you are up to date with the happenings in the area.

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Sample property at Lake Villa

The Village of Barrington: Rich in historical events that leads to success!

Previously considered as a resort town where all tourist visit just to have a relaxing environment, but now the village of Lake Villa is turning to a promising land that offers great opportunities to its people.
Lake Villa is known to be an outlet to people who wants to unwind. A lot of tot lots and parks can be found in the area. The first one is Lehmann Park, the favourite park of the crowd. You can do swimming, boating, picnic and play volleyball. You don’t need to worry because playground equipment and restrooms are provided in the area. Steven Sherwood Memorial Park is next on the list, whereby it has a tot playground, tennis courts and a shelter. The third one is Glacier Park that can offer you swimming and boating activity. The fourth one is Frank M. Loffredo Park whereby it cam provide facilities such as football, soccer, field hockey, softball and baseball fields and a mile long handicapped-pedestrian loop. The last but not the least is Lake Villa Baseball park! For the tot lots, Lake Villa has seven amazing tot lots o choose from!

If you have kids and planning to migrate here in Lake Villa, competitive schools are waiting for you whether it is from elementary, high school or community college. Lake Villa is also celebrating different festivals that you will surely love. From national festival to its locals celebrations like Miss Lake Villa Pageant and Lake Villa days, for sure you will enjoy it! For residency, staying here for good can be awesome because of the different programs that the government are implementing. Discipline is the key why this village is continuously progressing. Come and see for yourself what Lake Villa has to offer!

          Wauconda is located 45 miles from Chicago along the beautiful Bangs Lake. This city is an appealing and eye-catching to community for residents and businesses alike.  The district has a lot schools to choose from grade school to high school. What good thing about their education system is that they keep on improving and set a high standard. The education system is competitive enough to prepare their student in college.

          The City of Wauconda is very relaxing and very calm, yet not a boring place to live in. There are a lot of places to go like activity center, Wauconda Area Library and area for hiking and horseback riding. A 68 acres land converted to dog park and fishing park shows the dedication of the city to the well-being and quality of life of their community. They provide the best in programs, parks and services at a great value to their customers. Currently Wauconda has 306 developed acres of lake that can be use for swimming, kayaking and other water sports, 17 award winning parks and facilities, playground, and public beach.  No wonder why a lot of people are now interested to visit or even live here. Not to mention the growing economy of the city because of the Industrial Park and other businesses in the area.

           If you are into sports the city of Wauconda has also something to offer, whether it is for kids or adults. You can play basketball, softball or conduct a youth camp on their picnic shelter! Arts is also valuable to this city that is why they have public art wall whereby you can see different kind of painting, photographed pictures and drawings located on their Lake County Discovery Museum. Aside from Wauconda Festivals, the city also celebrates different holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special holidays. They conduct fun activities for kids and for older too. They see to it that everybody in the neighborhood was told in the activities and able to participate.

           Having fresh air to breathe in is one of the main reasons why Wauconda is now progressive in terms of residency. Plus the full service of security that makes the city more attractive to visitors because of the feeling they are safe. So come and visit Wauconda for you to experience first hand the fun and excitement that this city has to offer!